Mathematics at Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

The Wheaton College Department of Mathematics and Computer Science will equip you to be a transforming agent of Christ in a world filled with problems. Our outstanding faculty will guide you through an interdisciplinary approach to critical thinking, logic and creative problem solving skills. And you’ll be prepared for graduate school or a career in a wide variety of fields such as teaching, programming, engineering, economics or business.


Students and faculty in the department of mathematics and computer science interact with physical and biological scientists, geologists and social scientists as well as other disciplines at the intellectual crossroads of Wheaton's curriculum.

No matter their eventual fields of service, while at Wheaton mathematics and computer science students study and work in classes, individually, and in small groups with a department faculty whose professional interests include fractal geometry and chaos theory, crypto-systems, computing, applied mathematics, probability and statistics, knot theory, math analysis, and modern algebra.

From this base, department graduates enter graduate schools in mathematics, computer science, or related disciplines. Others undertake careers or advanced training in actuarial science, teaching, economics, business, and statistics.


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