What Students are Saying


Q: What attracted you to the TESOL program at Wheaton? What were you looking for in a TESOL M.A. program?

Fall Retreat

A: "As far as what I was looking for, I wanted TESOL training that would give me a good foundation and practical training and resources for use in future teaching." - Terri

A: "I was attracted to this program because of hearing about it from a friend who went through the program and told me how practical and hands on it is. My friend said that it is really helpful with teaching and provides things I could actually use in my classroom." - Amy

A: "I was attracted to the program because I had taught English during a short-term (6 month) internship in the past and wanted a program that would continue my intercultural studies training and also provide me with TESOL training. Wheaton's program was unique in that it allowed this as a combined option whereas other programs I looked at would have required two separate degrees." - Brad

A: "The TESOL experience at Wheaton seemed like a beneficial and exciting opportunity because I would be part of a community dedicated to developing professionals in TESOL through well stuctured courses, community with other TESOL students, and focusing on how to bring ideas and experiences into my future ESL classroom." - Jen

If you have questions about our program, please contact the department at Intercultural.Studies@wheaton.edu

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