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"When I came to Wheaton, my wife and I were serving in Africa. As our home assignment approached, I had researched study programs that would enhance my skills and build on previous studies. The intercultural/TESOL MA program seemed a great fit. Courses on cross-cultural communication and teaching cross-culturally were especially helpful. The TESOL courses were excellent and thorough. They fully prepared me to serve as an ESL instructor in a variety of capacities in Africa. A surprising and pleasant bonus of my time in the program was how stimulating and re-energizing it was. Rather than feeling depleted from completing the courses, I felt recharged and ready to get back and apply all that I had learned. Upon my return to Ethiopia, it was a joy to teach English to adults and high school students from a variety of countries. A real benefit of the program at Wheaton is the favorable faculty:student ratio; the professors are very available to students. Additionally, the classes allow for students to learn well from each other, drawing from life and work experiences. Currently, I am back in the U.S. coordinating an intensive English program for international students." - Daniel


"As I’ve gone out into the world to work as an ESL teacher at a high school, an academic program, and a grant-based program, I’ve continually returned to the skills and training I received at Wheaton. Now, as my wife and I are preparing to go to Southeast Europe to begin a language school with a faith-based developmental aid organization, we feel confident in our abilities as teachers, as experts, and as believers to impact the world through our vocation. I am thankful for the dedicated professors that shared their lives with me during my short time in the TESOL program; it was through their expertise and wisdom that I grew and honed my skills for life." - Darrin


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