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Admission Requirements: Admissions requirements include a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university, with an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher. Prospective students must submit an application with transcripts of all post-secondary academic work. The application includes autobiographical information, essays, and letters of recommendation. GRE or MAT scores are required for all students except for international students, who must take the TOEFL.

For a complete list of requirements, visit Graduate Admission Requirements.

Application Process

Tuition: For information on the tuition rates, visit Tuition & Fees.

Financial Aid: For detailed information please refer to Wheaton College Financial Aid.

  • Financial aid is available in the form of loans, scholarships and grants.
  • A normal full-time academic load is 12 hours per semester. The Stafford loan program can be applied to full- or part-time studies. Information about this program (and applications for Stafford loans) are available through the college Financial Aid Office or through local banks and credit unions.
  • Over half a million dollars in grant money is available to full-time degree graduate students at Wheaton.
  • Applications for financial aid require a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Wheaton College Financial Aid Application. The priority deadline is March 1 for admission in the fall. Awards are based on availability of funds. Notification of awards begins in March.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-800-362-2674 or

Pre-registration: It is best to register prior to coming on campus because your financial aid package can be ready for when you arrive. At orientation, your faculty advisor will confirm the preliminary course schedule and will discuss any schedule changes or transfer credit you might have at that time.

Academic Advising: Each student is assigned a faculty advisor at orientation. Be sure to meet with your advisor at least twice a semester. In addition to helping you choose courses and sign registration forms, your advisor is here to help you with career objectives, spiritual issues and problem solving.

Length of Program: The Intercultural Studies program is a 40-hour MA program.

Planning Your Program: When looking at the general layout of your program at Wheaton please consider the following: (1) Have you considered taking classes over the summer? (2) Fall and spring semester 2 credit classes are offered in an "A" and "B" quad format, i.e., do not schedule 3 classes in A quad and 1 class in B quad, and (3) Full time students have the option of taking one free audit in any department or giving their free audit to their spouse.

Classes: Classes are either 2 or 4 credit hours. A 4-credit class usually meets for the entire semester (16 weeks). A 2-credit hour class meets for half of the semester (8 weeks; known as a "quad"). Courses that meet for the first half of semester are assigned an "A" designation beside the course number indicating it is an A quad class. A "B" designation indicates the course is a B quad class that meets for the second 8 weeks of the semester.

Holidays and Breaks:  The College Academic Calendar provides information on the holidays and breaks that Wheaton observes.

Summer School/Intensives: You might consider taking summer courses because tuition is approximately 1/3 less than during the fall and spring semesters. Most summer classes are usually in an intensive format with advance work (typically a combination of reading and small interactive papers due the first day of class; advance work will be available to students approximately eight weeks prior to the beginning of class) and post work (due approximately three weeks after the last day of class; the exact date will be listed in the course syllabus). Winter intensives are also offered in January. 

Housing: In addition to campus housing, Graduate Student Services maintains a list available for off-campus housing opportunities in the surrounding area.

This list is available on your page or contact Graduate Student Services at 1-630-752-5191 or

Meals: The College has excellent dining facilities.To learn more visit Bon Appétit >>

If you have questions, please contact the department at

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