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Modular Student Orientation:  View the Modular Student orientation presentation (PPT).

Graduate Student Services: Visit Graduate School Admissions  for information on academic and general services available to graduate students.

Handbook: The Intercultural Studies Handbook contains information about the program, the courses, and the community in the Intercultural Studies Department. The most current version will be given to you at orientation.

Intercultural Studies Forum: Integrative Forum is a vital element of our program. It is a time for Intercultural Studies students to gather for community development, support, and global networking. Each forum highlights a current global issue, and features a stimulating presentation followed by discussion. Forum attendance every quad is a requirement for all full-time students. Grades (pass/fail) are based on attendance. Forum is zero credit and meets every other week.

Candidacy: Students must complete an Approved Master's Degree Program form BEFORE 12 semester hours are completed (including certificate students).

Q: Where do I get the form?

A: From the Registrar.

Q: How do I fill it out?

A: Please follow the format of the Sample Candidacy Form found on the Candidacy Forms page.

Internships: The practical experience of an internship can be a valuable part of your education. Internships are available in North America or overseas and credit can be earned while you gain "hands on" experience. Further information is available in the Handbook or Internship Packet (PDF).

Comprehensive Exam/Master's Thesis: The comprehensive exam is a zero credit course taken during your final semester in the program.

Q: What is it?

A: It is an exam designed to test your knowledge of the core courses for the MA program.

Q: When is it?

A: During the fall semester, the exam is in November. During the spring semester, the exam is in April.

Q: Can I choose to write a thesis instead?

A: Yes. In lieu of taking the comprehensive exam, students may choose to write a Master’s thesis. It is critical that you talk to your advisor in your first semester if you are interested in writing a thesis. Refer to the Thesis Requirements >>

Exit Interview: The purpose of the exit interview is for students to give helpful feedback to the department on the strengths and limitations of the individual MA programs.

Blackboard: Blackboard is a program that aims at hosting classes or classroom materials online. This program is accessed through your "" portal and is available for every class you take at Wheaton. Professors post information, syllabi, handouts, assignments, and other important information here. Please familiarize yourself with this program and make sure your personal computer is compatible with Blackboard. The document link below will explain how to access it and requirements for browsers and operating systems. Portal: This is the main portal page for every student, faculty, and staff member at Wheaton College. The portal provides access to:

  • Wheaton email (your account)
  • Graduate student information
  • Housing postings
  • Registration for classes
  • Grades

Bookstore: Students can go to the  Wheaton Bookstore >> to access the book lists for their courses, and can order their texts online.

Library/Computer Lab: Computer labs are located in Buswell Library and in the Billy Graham Center. The Buswell Library has a pod of eight computers that is available for anyone to use without a Student I.D.

Access to Library Resources: Visit Buswell Library >> for more information.

Computers: Personal computers can be connected to the campus network (ResNet) from on-campus residences or via wireless connections in many places on campus. Student Computing Information has the information that you will need to access the campus wireless network.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): Wheaton has rules governing use of its computers, its network, and access to the Internet from campus. These rules apply to students, faculty and staff. They are detailed in a document entitled Terms and Conditions for Computer Accounts / Usage: Acceptable Use Policy. Everyone at the College signs a form each year, promising to abide by these rules. When you attend orientation on campus, you'll be told where to pick up this form. You must sign and return it as instructed. If you don't submit the signed form within a week of arrival, your accounts will be suspended until you do turn it in. Visit Computer Registration >> to go through the steps to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy and get set up connection to the Wheaton College Network

Course Evaluations: Course Evaluations are very important to the growth and development of our program. They offer a chance for our students to speak up and comment on each class they take here at Wheaton. At the end of each quad, students receive an e-mail that explains course evaluations. In this e-mail is a link that takes students directly to the online course evaluation page. Completing the online course evaluation is quick and easy!

If you have questions, please contact the department at

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