Summers Plus Spring Sample Schedule

This chart below gives a sample schedule of how one can complete the M.A. in Missional Church Movements degree in summers and a spring intensive. Students would need to complete 2 weeks of courses (8 credits) each July in 4 years. Students would also take the Theological Studies Requirement (BITH Core) in January term and 4 credits of electives either through an internship, independent study, or other intensive courses. The BITH Core and electives can be done sometime after the first summer.


Please note that this is a sample schedule of the summers plus spring intensive option. 

Please look at the Degree Requirements to see the required/elective courses you need to complete the degree and the Schedule/Advance Work to see the dates of when these courses are offered each summer.

Year 1

MISS Core  EVAN Core   MISS Elective  
 MISS 562 Launching Apostolic Movements (4)  EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism & Renewal (4)  

Year 2

 MISS Core EVAN Core   MISS Elective
 MISS 564 Planting & Growing Reproducing Churches (2)  EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging & Global (4)  
 MISS 565 Incarnational Ministry for Missional Churches (2)    

Year 3

 MISS Core EVAN Core  MISS Elective 
 MISS 568 Organic & Simple Church (2)  Evan 542 Church: Movements & Models  
 MISS 575 Urban Missional Movements (2)    
 OR: MISS 576 Missional Movements & Evangelism (2)

Year 4

MISS Core  EVAN Core  MISS Elective 
 EVAN 559 Organizational Change & Leadership (4)  INTR 561 Intercultural Communication (4)  
 INTR 692 Comprehensive Exam (0)    

January Term After Year 1

 MISS Core EVAN Core  MISS Elective 
 BITH 565, 566 or 576 BITH Core (4)    

After Year 1

 MISS Core EVAN  Core MISS Elective 
    4 hrs of electives (multiple options)

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