NewThing's Leadership Residency


Title: Leadership Resident

NewThing was started with one purpose: to catalyze a movement of reproducing churches. In order for a reproducing movement to happen, we are asking God to help us send out the right people to start brand new reproducing churches and campuses. We are calling these "right people" Leadership Residents. In fact, we are challenging every one of our 100 NewThing sites to have at least 1 Leadership Resident per year.

So what does a NewThing Leadership Residency include? Good question!

  • A coaching relationship with a Lead Pastor or Campus Pastor.
  • A personal coach through Intentional Impact.
  • Development of Big Idea Adults, Students, Kids and Arts creative content.
  • Application of tools like: Apprentice Field Guide, Coaching Field Guide, Jesus Mission Journal and more.
  • Networking opportunities through NewThing Gatherings, Exponential. Conference, and other hosted events by NewThing.
  • Apprentice, lead and reproduce a small group.
  • Provide point leadership to a particular ministry of interest.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of a 25% discount on a Wheaton College M.A.
  • A Residency that can take place at any NewThing Church in places like: Boston, New York, Chicago, Paris France, L.A., Detroit, Philippines - all over the world!

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