What Students are Saying

Students talk about the program, courses, the community, their favorite experience, and their plans for the future.


The Program

Fall Retreat

Q. What attracted you to the Intercultural Studies program at Wheaton? What were you looking for in a Intercultural Studies M.A. program?

A. The two things that led me to the Intercultural Studies program at Wheaton were the Billy Graham Scholarship opportunity and the testimony of a number of co-workers who had gone through the program and spoke highly of how much they were blessed spiritually through the program. What I was looking for in an Intercultural Studies program was a strong focus on the practical and usability of the course load in everyday life and ministry and not just learning theory. - Eric 

A. This program is a biblically based forward looking approach to missionary training. - Sherelle

The Courses

Graduate Class

Q. What courses stood out to you during your experience here in the Intercultural Studies program? Why did they stand out to you?

A. Contextualization and Theolgical Foundations have both challenged my thinking on missions and in broad terms on the way I have been functioning in my mission context. - Robert

A. After one semester there were two classes that stood out to me. The first was Dr. Moreau's course on Folk Religion as it clarified and broadened many things I had experienced working overseas and am seeing more here in the US. The second class was Mission in Acts because of the intimacy and participation the class shared as we were guided by Dr. Gallagher. - Eric 

A. Intercultural Communication, Contextualization, Folk Religions, Spiritual Conflict, Historical Foundations. They all gave me perspective and helped me learn better how to identify and approach foundational issues in the cross-cultural ministry that I have had for the last twenty years. -Susan

The Community

Graduate Students

Q. How did you experience community within the Intercultural Studies department?

A. I believe that it would be hard for me not to experience community. I experience it in classes during talks on breaks, at graduate chapel, and in the impromptu games of volleyball organized by students. At student parties and get-togethers we have a great time in getting to know one another on a deeper level. I feel like events such as Dr. Gallagher's movie nights are also wonderful for connecting with each other. - Shelly

A. The Intercultural Studies department has been a wonderful experience of community which often begins in class through the interactive small groups and projects, class devotions, and then is enhanced through department social activities and continued off campus with new friends. For me the community experience in the program has been an important aspect of our growing together as a group of practitioners serving Christ. - Eric

A. I connected with two students during the first day of orientation, and we've developed a good friendship/accountability group together. -Roberta

The Future

World Vision

Q. What do you plan on doing after graduation? How do you see yourself integrating skills you gainedfrom this program into your future plans? 

A. I plan to return to the field. I will be working alongside of the church in eastern Indonesia to help them discover, create, and implement what they can do so that the layperson will better engage with the Word, and the church will see spiritual growth. - Susan

A. I want to go out on the mission field and work in development. I feel that I am being challenged to evaluate my beliefs and presuppositions making sure that what I hold to is based on solid biblical principles and not my cultural values. - Shelly 

A. After graduation my family and I plan to return to serving overseas as part of a church planting team. The Intercultural Studies program is equipping and fortifying me with skills that will help us work better with others, both on the team and in the community we will be serving. It has challenged my thinking and broadened my ideas of how to serve the Lord. Most importantly, the program has encouraged me in my personal spiritual journey which is such a critical aspect of my life and service for Christ wherever I will be. - Eric

Favorite Experience

Fall Retreat

Q. What was your favorite experience here at Wheaton in the Intercultural Studies program?

A. One of my favorite experiences was the prayer day we had during the forum this past spring. It was so special to give that time to pray together in community and grow together. - Eric

A. I really liked the Forum class where the students led and we got to sing and pray in a number of different ways with a number of different focuses. It felt so good to be bonded together in spirit during that time. -Kaylene


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