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Wheaton College Alumni Meets with President Obama

March 8, 2013

Stephan BaumanWorld Relief President and CEO Stephan Bauman (alumni of the M.A. Intercultural Studies program at Wheaton College) met with President Obama on Friday, March 8, 2013 in Washington, D.C. The goal of their meeting was to discuss how the faith community can work with Congress and the Administration to pass immigration reform. World Relief has been leading an effort through the Evangelical Immigration Table to educate and mobilize evangelicals throughout the United States to engage with Scripture and take action on immigration reform.

In their meeting, they reiterated the importance of the faith community in not just advocating for immigration reform but in being a bridge to provide services to immigrants if immigration reform passes. Obama told the meeting's participants that he was optimistic about the bipartisan effort in the Senate and the meeting left participants with strong hope for a bipartisan reform bill.

Immigration MeetingStephan Bauman was quoted saying, “For too long, immigrants who are integral members of the body of Christ have been living in the shadows of our society. The passage of immigration reform would help restore dignity to their lives and put many on a path towards reconciliation with the larger community.”

If you would like more information on this organization you can visit World Relief >>. For more information on this meeting please visit the World Relief Press Center >>.


INTR Faculty and Students Present in EMS Conference

April 5, 2014

Several students and faculty of the Intercultural Studies Program participated in the conference this year at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. The following are a list of their contributions to the program:

 EMS Conference

Katie Roam

Katie's presentation was titled "One Method Does Not Fit All: Toward a Contextualized Gospel for Every Muslim Diaspora." In the paper, she identified several categories of Muslim immigrants she has encountered in the U.S. and offered suggestions for contextualization of the gospel message to meet the specific needs of each group. A condensed version of the paper will be published in EMQ in January.

Reverend Cody Lorance

Rev. Lorance gave a presentation titled "To the Unreached peoples Scattered Everywhere: A New Era of Frontier Mission":

"It is my contention today that the Lord is indeed leading His Church into a new era of frontier mission that is primarily characterized by an unprecedented acceleration of human migration from everywhere to everywhere and the corresponding development of previously inconceivable technologies and global infrastructures which have utterly revolutionized the way we connect to one another. If you will, we may think of this as the era of mission 'to and through the scattered people'. Perhaps the most import reality influencing mission in the 21st century is that people keep moving, especially to the cities, and yet remain connected to everywhere."

Dr. Robert Gallagher

Dr. Gallagher presented "Friend or Foe? Migration as Mission Among the Phillistines". This presentation claims that migration served an important function of the mission of God in the Old Testament in three major aspects. First, as detailed in the Mosaic covenant, God’s people were to love the stranger in their midst, and in doing so offer an invitation to participate in the community. Second, God’s people in migration were potential agents of transformation in developing a faith in the LORD with those nations they came into contact. Third, non-Israelite migration also served the missional purposes of God. Because of the political turmoil within Israel, David was forced to immigrate to the city of Gath, which provided him an ongoing opportunity to intermingle with these foreigners. The case studies of three Philistine movements from Gath show the intersection of migration and mission. For instance, Obed-edom, the keeper of the Ark, the Cherethites and Pelethites, king David’s Philistine bodyguard, and Ittai, the Gittite warrior-leader loyal to David during Absalom’s revolt, all migrated to Israel, and it would appear were brought to some awareness of the Hebrew God. This in turn influenced the evolving destiny of the inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. This demonstrates that migration played a role in the mission of God, and should be considered as a strategy of the church today. In particular, migratory movements of non-Christian people, such as evidenced in the Fei Yang Bible Study Fellowship of the Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church in Chicago, continue to serve as an important facet in the global spread of the Christian faith to bring about the mission of God.

Professor Beth Seversen

Professor Seversen presented "African Diaspora Churches: Assimilation and Missional Impact on the Host Culture"

"African immigrants articulate a passion for reaching and renewing the mainstream American church and the broader culture with the gospel of Jesus. To what degree they are successful in accomplishing their missionary call to evangelize the West may depend partly on the manner and process by which they assimilate into American society. This presentation explored the linkage between African immigrant assimilation and evangelism effectiveness transnationally, among co-ethnics, and the broader culture. Specifically I researched the question: Does gospel translation correlate more with immersion or distinction in relation to the host culture? I explored this question through literature review, participant observations and interviews with African pastors."

Dr. Scott Moreau

Dr. Moreau presented "Reflections on the Familial Language Translation Controversy from a WEA Panel Member." In his presentation he discussed an overview the story of the Familial Language Translation controversy as it developed in print as well as the WEA Panel which responded to Wycliffe’s Best Practices statement. The presentation was based on literature research and personal experience, providing an synopsis of the story of the controversy, including the most recent developments.


World Mission Institute

April 24-25, 2014
Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, ILWorld Mission Institute in Chicago

This past weekend Dr. Robert Gallagher, Department Chair of Intercultural Studies presented at the World Mission Institute in Chicago, IL. This year's World Mission Institute studied and celebrated a new document on Mission, entitled "Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes," for missionary reflection and practice. Participants heard from women and men who took part in both the drafting of the Mission document and who attended the Busan Assembly, including Dr. Gallagher. Participants also engaged in a critical conversation with the document.

World Mission Institute in Chicago



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