Student Papers

Some examples of excellent student papers.


INTR 698/699 Thesis - Beyond Prison Bars by Samantha Miller


Beyond Prison Bars:
The Intersection of the Perspectives of Christians Working in the Anti-Sex Trafficking Field in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and the Theory of Restorative Justice (PDF)

This study explores the paradigm of restorative justice as contrasted with retributive justice as a response to the harmful consequences of sex trafficking. Literature on sex trafficking parallels the efforts of organizations working to address the injustice, disproportionately focusing on women and children being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation, and does not accurately reflect the diversity of justice initiatives available. This qualitative study presents the perspectives of 17 Christians of varying genders, ages, and nationalities, working in the anti-sex trafficking field in Kolkata, India.

INTR 694: Families in International Settings - The Effect of Parenting on MK Coping by Elizabeth Loewer

Elizabeth Loewer

The Effect of Parenting on MK Coping: An Emphasis on the Korean Missionary Community (PDF)

As TCKs experience multiple cultures with ownership of none, they may struggle to form a stable identity; they find their cultural values at odds with those of their own parents, who represent the home (passport) country. With a growing awareness of TCK needs, particularly the emergence of a member care focus within mission communities, several studies have examined the impact of a mobile, cross-cultural lifestyle during the formative years on mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Among the findings, themes of family dynamics have emerged: In particular, TCKs’ relationships with their parents can shape their well-being for better or for worse.

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