Intercultural Studies and Missions

Our mission is to develop effective cross cultural professionals who are competent communicators of Christ, sensitive to other cultures, and effective servants.


Meet the Professors!

Intercultural Studies and Missions Professors

Dr. Robert Gallagher (left), Dr. Susan Greener (middle), and Dr. Scott Moreau (right) 

What is Intercultural Studies & Missions at Wheaton?

A solid background in living and working cross-culturally is established through courses such as Intercultural Communication, Cross-Cultural Research and Principles of Development.

Coursework prepares you for professional ministry in diverse cultural settings, including appropriate means of communicating Christ, facilitating holistic development, researching local needs and issues, understanding dimensions for contextualization, and evaluating the propriety of various theological approaches.

The program is located in a multicultural metropolitan area, where there are many opportunities to gain intercultural experience in a variety of settings.

The Big Picture
The current geopolitical situation has led to remarkable opportunities for those who know how to enter and engage in viable ministry and work in cross-cultural settings. The Intercultural Studies program at Wheaton College seeks to meet this need by providing comprehensive, practical training for cross-cultural service.  See what current and past students in the Intercultural Studies Department have to say about their experiences.

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