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Allison Borton

Allison Borton“One of the most surprising benefits I received from the Masters in E&L at Wheaton College was how much I learned from fellow students. Church and ministry leaders from around the world gathered for intensive classes in Wheaton to study and grow together, and I was always challenged in significant ways by the diversity of perspectives and experiences shared by these classmates. My current ministry and the way that I lead in the church is largely shaped by the examples set by other students in the E&L program. As a local resident, I’m so grateful that God brings the world to Wheaton for this incredible Masters program.”

- Allison Borton , Willow Creek Community Church - Dupage


Trey Clark

Trey Clark"God used my amazing professors and peers in the Evangelism and Leadership program to help me better understand the beauty of the Gospel and more effectively engage in the ministry of evangelism in our increasingly post-Christian world."

- Trey Clark, Youth Pastor at South Bay Church of God in Torrance, CA

Francie Winslow

Francie Winslow"My experience in the Evangelism and Leadership Masters program set the course for my journey not only in ministry, but in thinking well about the implications of the Gospel in my life and my generation. With historical and theological studies, spirit-infused teaching, pop culture exposure and context-specific application, this program produces well-rounded leaders who are equipped to impact their sphere of influence for the advancement of God's kingdom."

- Francie Winslow; Author, Blogger, Speaker



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