2015 Cohort

Cohort Full Time Residential for the Outdoor Adventure Leadership Concentration


Cohort 2 Part Time Modular
Start Date: Fall, 2015 





Course Type

Fall 2015

October (2 weeks, dates TBA)

CFM 662: Theology/Practice of Outdoor Ministry (4) Ribbe Honey Rock (HR) Intensive
Spring 2016 January (Jan Term, 3 days) EVAN 534: Global Apologetics (2) Richardson Intensive
January (Jan term, 3 days)
EVAN 573: Evangelistic Research (2) Richardson
 April (2 weeks, dates TBA) CFM 663: Leadership Development in Outdoor Ministry (4)  Ribbe  HR Intensive 

Fall 2016

September (2 weeks, TBA)

CFM 664: Wilderness Programming (4) TBA Intensive
Spring 2017 January (Jan term, one week) EVAN 545: Culture: Emerging and Global (4) Richardson


 March (Spring Break Course) EVAN 573: Evangelistic Research (2) Richardson   Intensive
 Spring 2018

January TBA (Jan term, one week)

EVAN 526: Gospel- Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal Richardson  Intensive 
 March (Spring Break Course) EVAN 559: Organizational and Change Leadership (4)  TBA  Intensive
 Spring 2019 February (2 weeks, dates TBA)  CFM 563: Church and Outdoor Ministry (4)  TBA   HR Intensive
Summer (any time during the 3 years- one week) or January term 2019 or 2020. July (TBA, one week) or January (Jan term, one week) BITH 565/566/576: Theology, Biblical Hermeneutics or Christian History (4)  TBA  Intensive

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