2016 Cohort Part Time


Cohort 3 Part Time Modular
Start Date: January 1, 2016 





 Course Type

Spring 2016 March 10-15 (Spring Break) EVAN 559: Organizational and Change Leadership (4) TBA Intensive
Summer 2016  July (TBA) MISS 562: Launching Apostolic Movements (4) Hirsch Intensive
Spring 2017 March (Spring Break Course) EVAN 542: Church: Models and Movements (4) Richardson Intensive
Summer 2017 July TBA: Monday through Wednesday  MISS 564: Planting and Growing Reproducing Churches (2) Fergusons  Intensive
 July TBA: Thursday through Saturday  MISS 565: Incarnational Ministry for Missional Churches (2)  Breen Intensive 
Spring 2018 January TBA (Jan Term) EVAN 526: Gospel: Theological Perspectives (4)* Richardson Intensive
January TBA Jan - March TBA (A Quad)  EVAN 534: Global Apologetics (2) (Tentative) Richardson  Online 
 March - May TBA (B Quad) EVAN 573: Evangelistic Research (2) (Tentative)  Richardson Online 
Summer 2018 July TBA    BITH 565/566/576: Theology, Biblical Hermeneutics or Christian History (4) TBA Intensive
Spring 2019 January TBA (Jan Term)  EVAN 558: Personal Leadership and Development (4)  TBA


 March - May TBA (B Quad) EVAN 545: Culture: Emerging and Global (4)* (Tentative)  Richardson Online 
Summer 2019 July TBA INTR 561: Intercultural Communication (4) TBA


* EVAN 526 is also offered on site in July 2017 and again in July 2021. EVAN 545 is also offered onsite in July 2016 and again in July 2020. These courses can be taken with permission from the Director or Associate Director.

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