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Partnering with Arrow

For over 20 years, Arrow Leadership has focused on making a deep investment in a few Christian leaders for the sake of the many. Through a highly personalized, intentional and transformational approach, the Arrow Leadership Program seeks to cultivate call, character and competency in the lives of proven ministry leaders. This 18-month journey in community includes intensive feedback process, modular learning, mentoring, and peer networking.

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Citing the crucial need for leaders who are able to think critically and act creatively to embody and communicate the gospel in our contemporary world, former Wheaton College President Dr. Duane Litfin says, "The partnership of Wheaton College with Arrow Leadership in this effort is a natural. Our goal is to work together to create a synergy in generating evangelistically-oriented leaders that neither organization working alone could achieve." This partnership is designed to connect proven leaders in evangelism from the Arrow Leadership Program with Wheaton Graduate School's Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership. As Arrow Leadership's President Dr. Carson Pue comments, "By combining Arrow's focus on developing ministry leaders who are led more by Jesus, who lead more like Jesus and who lead more to Jesus with Wheaton's strong combination of academic excellence, gifted faculty-practitioners and outstanding reputation, I believe leaders passionate about effective evangelism will benefit greatly and I believe the Kingdom will benefit with evangelism champions at the helm of local churches and ministries."

Arrow Leadership Partner Program
Coordinator, Beth Seversen

Students who have graduated from the Arrow Leadership Program prior to admission may choose to enter the Arrow Leadership Partner Program. Through an arrangement between Wheaton College and the Arrow Leadership Program, upon 1) successful completion of EVAN 542: Church: Movements and Models and 2) recommendation of the Program Coordinator based on a paper summarizing the relevance of their Arrow work to evangelism and leadership, qualified students are granted a total of 14 semester hours of credit (10 for their Arrow Partnership work and 4 for EVAN 542) towards the completion of the M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership degree.

In order to receive the Masters in Evangelism and Leadership, students take 26 semester hours of additional courses, including:

  • EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal (4)
  • EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging and Global (4)
  • EVAN 559 Organizational and Change Leadership (4)
  • EVAN 573 Evangelism Research Methods (2)
  • INTR 561 Foundations of Intercultural Communication (4)
  • INTR 692 Comprehensive Exam (0)
  • One of the listed Theological Studies Requirement Category I courses (4)
  • Electives (4)

Students meet the graduate six-hour Biblical and Theological Studies requirement by taking an approved 4-hour BITH course from the approved Category I list and EVAN 526.

Qualified students will exempted from taking the following courses that are usually taken by students in the program.:

  • EVAN 558 Personal Development and Leadership (4) (core)
  • EVAN 547 Evangelistic Communication (2)
  • EVAN 694 Seminar: Evangelism and the Local Church (2; elective)
  • EVAN 691 Ministry Practicum (2; elective)


Arrow Credit Transfer

 Course Credits 
 EVAN 558 - Personal Development & Leadership  4
 EVAN 547 - Evangelistic Communication  2
 EVAN 694 - Seminar: Evangelism/Local Church  2
 EVAN 691 - Ministry Practicum  2
 Total credits: 10 


Arrow Leadership Cohort
Start Date: January, 2015




Course Requirement    

Spring 2015 March TBA EVAN 542: Church: Models and Movements, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) Core
Summer 2015 July 20-25 INTR 561: Intercultural Communication, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) TSR
July TBA BITH 565: Bible and Theology, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) TSR
Spring 2016 Jan TBA EVAN 573: Evangelistic Research Methods, RFS, 8:30-5:30 (2) Core
 March TBA EVAN 559: Orgnanizational & Change Leadership, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) Core
Summer 2016  July TBA MISS 562: Launching Apostolic Movements, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) Elective
 July TBA  EVAN 545: Culture: Emerging & Global, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4) Core 
 Summer 2017  July TBA

EVAN 526: Gospel: Historical & Theological Perspectives, MTWRFS, 8:30-5:30 (4)
*or online Jan-May Spring 2016*

    INTR 692: Comprehensive Exam - $75.00 Course Fee (0)  Required

^TSR meets Theological Studies Requirement.

Please contact Beth Seversen at to indicate your interest or plan your potential program.

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