Wheaton Graduate School's Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership is pleased to have a strategic partnership with NewThing to develop leaders in evangelism.


Both Wheaton College and NewThing>> work together in an effort to further recruit, enroll, equip and develop future church leaders to be catalysts for a movement of reproducing churches as they are dedicated to relentlessly helping people find their way back to God. Participants of NewThing who are involved in church planting will also grow through coaching, the availability of creative resources, conferences, and leadership residency.

In collaboration with NewThing, Wheaton College Graduate School will provide higher education, utilizing thought leaders, theological training, servant leadership, and intercultural studies. Combining elements of these two phenomenal organizations gives NewThing staff, leadership residents, and church leaders the opportunity to multiply their leadership abilities as they share a common mission of helping people find their way back to God. Participants also receive accountability for reproducing leaders, small groups, congregations, campuses and churches.

If you have questions, please contact the department at Visit the NewThing>> website for more information.

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