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Classes are either 2 or 4 credit hours. A 2-credit intensive class meets for 9 hours per day for 3 days. A 4-credit intensive class meets for 9 hours per day over 6 days. Please see the list of classes for more information on course descriptions. In addition to the classroom hours, each class requires advance and post course work. Students should allow approximately 10 weeks, 6 prior and 4 after, to complete each class.

  • Advance Course Work: Every intensive class will require advance assignments. It typically requires a combination of reading and small interactive papers due the first day of class. Eight weeks prior to the beginning of class the advance work will be posted to the website. Only use the syllabi located in Advance Work when ordering texts for class.
  • Post Course Work: Every intensive class requires an assignment due approximately 4 weeks after the last day of class. The exact date will be listed in the course syllabus.

Course Registration: Continuing students will register through the my.wheaton portal. Students who missed a semester, missed the registration cut-off date and non-degree seeking students need to use a special registration form to register for classes.

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