The practical experience of an internship can be a valuable part of your education. Our faculty members are a great resource and have connections in a variety of ministry areas, both locally and internationally; they can help you find an internship that fits your ministry context. Many internship possibilities can be found right here in the Wheaton area.



Intercultural Studies Department internship policies and procedures are the following:

1. The purpose of the internship is to provide the graduate student significant "hands-on" experience.

2. The student must bring into the organization at least one full semester of course work in the area under consideration. This guarantees that the employer will have an intern who can perform in the various jobs within the specific area of concentration while at the same time gaining helpful insight and experience in the operation of the organization's program.

3. The student is under the jurisdiction of the organization department head in terms of work hours and assignments. The intern is, in effect, considered an employee of that organization during the entire period of the internship, subject to the same rules as others who are fully employed.

4. The organization is not required to pay a salary in terms of the hours the intern gives. In some instances a stipend salary or honorarium is agreed upon prior to placing the intern. If the internship is established purely on the basis of providing the intern with experience and know-how, this must be communicated to the intern and the academic supervisor prior to hiring.

5. The organization supervisor is asked to complete a one-page evaluation form. This form will provide the basis of the grade the academic supervisor submits.

6. The organization supervisor may review the intern's progress with the academic supervisor at any time during the course of the internship.

7. The intern must fulfill the time and length of the internship agreed upon and cannot take time off or leave the job without notifying the organization supervisor and the faculty supervisor. A minimum of 40 clock hours of work experience is required for one academic credit (e.g. a 4-hour internship would require a minimum of 160 clock hours of work experience).

8. For local internships the faculty supervisor will attempt to make at least one visit with the intern and the organization supervisor during the internship at the organization location.

IMPORTANT: In all cases, the evaluation of the organization supervisor is the qualifying factor in determining the satisfactory completion of the intern's assignment.

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