History Handbook - Study Abroad



Wheaton College intends for educational opportunities for global engagement to be more than a mere change of location or superficial acquaintance with the unfamiliar. Such opportunities should foster a lasting change in Christian faithfulness and deepen the capacity for global service. By stepping out of our familiar situations, we can gain the wisdom needed for critical appreciation of cultures, including our own, and come to understand more about God’s work in the world. The theological, spiritual and cultural dimensions of global discovery challenge any assumption of cultural superiority and any habit of self-preoccupation. Genuine learning from the global community calls for the exercise of deeply Christian virtues. Following in the ways of Christ means striving to express Christ-like servanthood through intentional acts of humility and charity in our various relationships and interactions.

For these reasons, Wheaton College affirms that Christian liberal arts education must be intentionally global in its outlook, orientation and engagement.

Students interested in study abroad have many options and the History Department encourages you to look into those opportunities.  For further information, please see the Wheaton College website on the office of Global and Experiential Learning.


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