Andrew M. Jones - Graduate Student


“And thus, after only 6 of 35 chapters, the Latin language goes from orderly, easy, memorizable paradigms and vocabulary to utter linguistic chaos.

Rome is burning.”


Such is the life and Facebook status of 2012 Alum Andrew M. Jones. Andrew is in his first year of a two-year Masters program in Church History at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

“My goals for grad school are: to gain a broad understanding of Church History in order to hopefully teach it one day at either the high school or college level, supplement my history education with other classes in biblical studies, missiology, theology, and ethics, and also begin to focus my research on a topic that I might want to pursue further in doctoral studies, such as Evangelicalism and Gaelic Culture in the Scottish Highlands or a myriad of topics in the history of Global Christianity.

My study habits, historical and historiographical insights, and love for all things history are indebted to the enthusiasm and encouragement of the Wheaton College History faculty. Wheaton is a phenomenal place to spend your 4 years of college. It will bring you into a deeper and fuller understanding of the Gospel, provide you with life-long friends and memories, and equip you to interact at the highest level of whatever discipline or profession the Lord leads you to after undergrad. For me, I was stretched to accept God's love and then reflect that to others in more meaningful ways. Through the friendships I developed I learned how to ‘make my own fun’ and cherish the short time we had together. Through the classes and conversations with professors I learned what it means to love the LORD with my mind. Wheaton will stretch you and challenge you. But it's through that process that we grow with the LORD and learn more about ourselves and others

For students thinking about grad school: Make sure it's what you want to do. If you're not sure, pray about it and seek wise counsel from mentors and faculty members. It's not for everyone. It's quite expensive in certain cases, quite a bit more difficult than undergrad, and the job market for professional and academic historians is small and very competitive. However, if you've taken these into consideration and are sure, jump in headfirst and don't look back! I've only been a grad student for a few months but it's been one of the most academically and personally rich seasons of my life and promises to be more so as I specialize further.

Besides school, I enjoy hanging out with new friends, running the beautiful trails near campus, exploring New England, and making valiant attempts at beating the locals at Pub Trivia on Wednesday nights.”


 Andrew’s enthusiasm for higher education is, perhaps, best summed up in another Facebook status:

“3 months, around 5,000 pages of total reading at a dead sprint until finals. Repeat 4 times + summers + (maybe) 4 more years for a PhD.

All to wind up in an over-saturated education market making less than the guy next door who went to 3 months of trade school and owns his own welding business.


Livin' the dream.”

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