Founder Jonathan Blanchard realized that a working knowledge of the earth is an integral part of Christian education, so Wheaton's first students in the 1860s were required to take introductory courses in geology and mineralogy. The continuation of this early commitment to the study of geology has made Wheaton distinctive among evangelical institutions.


Today's students have the opportunity to study geologic theory on campus in conjunction with a number of field experiences in the classroom that is as big as all outdoors. Graduates of the Geology program include leaders in the discipline, holding positions in prominent universities, government, industry, and missions/development agencies.

The Geology Major has three options available leading to either a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Both degrees require a core of geology courses plus supporting courses in other science disciplines and mathematics.

The options for the Geology major include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Geology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Geology
  • Secondary Teacher Certification

The Geology Department also offers a minor in Geology.

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