Geology and Environmental Science

The Geology department at Wheaton College encompasses two programs of study--Geology and Environmental Science.

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Geology courses offer the student a general knowledge of the earth, its structure, composition, internal and external processes, and past history. Emphasis is placed upon field and laboratory investigation directed towards development of useful skills and a grasp of basic theoretical and working concepts.

Building on this framework, the student can pursue any one of several avenues of study leading to majors in geology and earth science teaching; or to a minor in geology.

The Environmental Science Program represents that part of the Wheaton College community in which students learn the science and service of environmental stewardship, the understanding and care of God’s physical creation. Through acts of scholarship and service, students and faculty protect environmental systems, inform the global church, and influence society and culture to make appropriate responses of stewardship that reflect creation care.

Students take a core curriculum of 36 hours covering the issues and intellectual identity of environmental science, the foundational paradigms of natural and social sciences needed to address environmental problems, the theology of creation and stewardship, and the practical experience of performing acts of environmental study and management as expressions of service to God, other human beings, and to the non-human creation. The environmental science curriculum is completed through 10 hours of more advanced study in which students select one of three concentration areas. In each concentration, more advanced expressions of theory and practice in lectures, discussions, laboratory, field experience, and environmental research prepare the student not only to be a more effective servant as an environmental professional, but to become an agent of transformation of the professional culture of environmental science in ways that increase Christian influence and expression in this field.


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