Wheaton in Mexico 2014


Wheaton in MexicoWheaton in Mexico is a 16-week semester program that combines language study and practice, interdisciplinary courses, cultural immersion, and academic excursions. Scheduled for the spring semester of 2014, it provides students a unique opportunity to live in and learn about the cultures, languages and peoples of Mexico. With a population of 114 million, Mexico accounts for 25% of the world’s Spanish speakers and is the country of origin for 63% of the 50.5 million Hispanics/Latinos living in the United States. Students will live with host families in the city of Querétaro and will have opportunities to travel to other regions of the country, including Mexico City, Oaxaca, Guanajuato, Puebla, and the ecologically diverse Sierra Gorda. In order to maximize learning opportunities, space will be limited.


Querétaro, with a population of over one million people, is a beautiful colonial city in central Mexico, three hours by bus from Mexico City. Founded in 1531, the city’s historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996. It is one of Mexico’s most prosperous cities and is a site for major international companies. Home to over twenty universities and seven research centers, Querétaro has a vibrant intellectual community, cultural scene and excellent medical services. Located at 5,970 feet above sea level, the city has a sunny, semi-arid climate with daily temperatures averaging 66° from January to May. A city with a rich religious heritage, Querétaro has a strong Catholic church and an active Protestant presence.

Living Arrangements

After an in-country orientation, students will live with Mexican families in Querétaro. Host families live within walking distance of the historic city center and the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. Students can walk to classes or utilize the efficient public transportation system.


January 10 – May 9, 2014


Students will earn 16-18 credit hours toward the Spanish major or minor. Several courses may also fulfill elective or major requirements from other departments. Most courses will be taught in collaboration with local university professors, and language and literature courses will be offered at a local university. This program fulfills the study abroad requirement for the Spanish major at Wheaton College.

Students will complete 8 hours from the following language and literature courses (availability of non-required courses dependent on enrollment):

  • Spanish 338 (4 hrs) Intensive Advanced Spanish (required)
  • Spanish 332 (4 hrs) Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • Spanish 337 (4 hrs) Survey of Latin American Literature
  • Spanish 489 (4 hrs)  Topics in Mexican Literature

Students will complete 8-10 hours from the following interdisciplinary courses:

  • Spanish 489 (4hrs) Topics in Engaging Mexican Cultures (required)
  • Spanish 489 (2hrs) Topics in Mexican History (required)
  • Spanish 489 (2hrs) Topics in Mexican Art (elective)
  • Spanish 489 (2hrs) Topics in Mexican-United States Relations (elective)


Students should complete Spanish 331 and are encouraged to take Spanish 332 prior to the program. Students who have completed 201 (or equivalent) and exhibit strong language skills may apply, but must request a recommendation from a Spanish professor and meet with the program director before doing so. All program participants are required to enroll in Spanish 439 (2hrs), “Country Study: Mexico” offered Fall 2013 (B quad) as preparation for the program.

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For additional information, please contact the 2014 Faculty Program Director:

Tim Klingler
Assistant Professor
Foreign Languages Department

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