Spanish Major

For complete information on courses please reference the college catalog.

Requirement of 32 semester credit hours:

Core Courses 

Course Name Hours
SPAN 331 Spanish Conversation (offered every semester) 4
SPAN 332 Grammar and Composition (offered every semester) 4
SPAN 336 Survey of Spanish Literature (offered every semester) 4
SPAN 337 Survey of Spanish American Literature (offered every semester) 4
SPAN 494 Senior Seminar (offered every semester- usually Monday P.M.) 4
LING 321 Linguistics Science 2
SPAN 371 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
(Ling 321 offered in spring; Span 371 offered in fall; Span 371 is required for secondary education candidates)

AND Study Abroad- Wheaton in Spain or Wheaton in Latin America

(or equivalent academic term abroad) 
SPAN 338 Intensive Advanced Spanish
(may count for 331 or 332 with Dept. recommendation)(required for Spain & Costa Rica)
SPAN 334 Spanish Thought and Culture (Required for Spain) 4
SPAN 489 Topics in Hispanic Culture
(elective for Spain; required for Costa Rica)

AND at least 2 more hours of an elective

SPAN 335 Spanish-American Thought and Culture (offered fall) 4
SPAN 439 Topics in Language, Literature, or Culture
(offered every semester)
SPAN 495 Independent Study (Departmental permission required) 2-4
SPAN 496 Internship (Departmental permission required) 2-4


Spanish Secondary Education required courses

Spanish 331, 332, 336, 337, 371, 494, and an academic term in a Spanish-speaking country. Please consult the Education Department for a list of Education courses and general education courses required for certification. 

OJO 1:

Students may meet 4 hours of the general education requirement in literature by taking Survey of Spanish Literature (336) or Survey of Spanish American Literature (337)

OJO 2:

Students may work with their advisors to complete alternative study abroad programs other than Wheaton In Spain or Wheaton In Costa Rica. The alternative program must be accredited by a U.S. four-year college or university, or by the International Accreditation Association of Colleges and Universities. Six (6) credits minimum; 8-16 recommended.

OJO 3:

At least 16 hours must be taken in residence; that is, through Wheaton College. No more than 16 hours of upper-division transfer credit in Spanish may be applied to the major. Transfer credits include AP credits and coursework completed abroad through a non-Wheaton College or a non-CCCU program. 

Spanish Minor

Students take 20 hours of coursework at the upper-divisional (300-400) level. Conversation (331) and Advanced Grammar and Composition (332) are required. A term of study abroad is strongly recommended. The electives for the minor are chosen in consultation with the minor advisor on an individual basis.

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