SPAN 101, 102. Elementary Spanish. Beginning Spanish with emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. Laboratory work. Cannot receive credit for both 101-102 and 103.

SPAN 103. Accelerated Elementary Spanish. Intensive study of elementary Spanish with emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. Required of students with two years of high school Spanish and of those above level two who place by test score into first semester Spanish. Laboratory work.

SPAN 201. Intermediate Spanish. Conversation, composition, and grammar review based on readings and videos; emphasis on the culture of Spain and Latin America. Laboratory practice. The general education foreign language competency requirement is met by passing the final exam of this course. Prerequisite to any further study in Spanish.

SPAN 331. Spanish Conversation. Intensive practice in oral and written communication with emphasis on listening comprehension and natural spoken expression based on audio tapes, videos, and readings of authentic materials. Laboratory work.

SPAN 332. Advanced Grammar and Composition. Intensive grammar review and written practice in various forms to improve accuracy and authenticity of expression. Readings, videos, and discussion.

SPAN 334. Spanish Civilization and Culture. On-site study of Spanish history, architecture, art, politics, and society. Offered in Spain only.

SPAN 335. Latin American Cultures and Civilization. Readings and discussion on history, geography, political and social structures, and various forms of artistic expression, particularly Latin American. Recommended for IR and Education students.

SPAN 336. Survey of Spanish Literature. A general survey of Spanish literature from the beginnings of the language to the present. Examination and analysis of representative authors and genres.

SPAN 337. Survey of Spanish American Literature. A general survey of the development of Spanish American literature from the pre-Columbian period to the present. Examination and analysis of representative authors and genres.

SPAN 338. Intensive Advanced Spanish. Advanced grammar, conversation, and composition taught by native speakers in a Spanish or Latin American university setting. Course content and level variable. Offered in Spain (Su 2016) or Latin America (Su 2015) only.

SPAN 371. Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. The study of various methodologies, theories, and techniques of foreign language teaching. Practice in a variety of micro-teaching situations. Required for secondary education certification; otherwise, an elective toward major or minor.

SPAN 439. Topics in Spanish Language and Hispanic Literatures and Culture. Varied subjects including genre and movement studies, film, culture, and advanced language. May be repeated for credit. (2 or 4)

SPAN 489. Topics in Hispanic Culture. Varied subjects, including literary and cultural study with emphasis on Christian perspectives of Hispanic culture. Field trips. Offered only in Spain (Su 2016) or Latin America (Su 2015). (2-4)

SPAN 494. Senior Seminar. Seminar integrating patterns of spiritual expression in primary works of Hispanic culture and literature with culture and literary theory of the twentieth century. Student will produce a major paper that integrates faith with the subject matter.

SPAN 495. Independent Study. Reading and individual study of some aspect of Hispanic culture, literature, or language. Department approval required. (1-4)

SPAN 496. Internship. Department approval required. Graded pass/fail. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing with Spanish major. (2 or 4)

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