German Major

For complete information on courses please reference the college catalog.

Requirement of 32 semester credit hours which includes: 

German Core Courses 

Course Name Hours
341 Contemporary German Culture and Mores 4
342 Contemporary German Culture: Politics, Economics, and Current Events 4
343 "Was ist deutsch?" German Cultural Identity from Charlemagne to the Berlin Republic (offered May/June annually as "Wheaton in Germany I" summer program; see below) 4
431 "Other" Germans: the Turkish and Immigrant Experience 4
432 The Holocaust and Contemporary Jewish Experience 4
Senior Seminar (offered in the spring) (Gen-Ed capstone) 4


321 Linguistics Science 2
371 Methods of Teaching Foreign Language 4
(371 is required for secondary education candidates) (Methods includes Linguistics)

Wheaton in Germany I and II (These courses offered in Germany only)

343 "Was ist deutsch?" German Cultural Identity from Charlemagne to the Berlin Republic 4
338 Advanced German (Semester Abroad in Germany) ("Wheaton in Germany II") (spring semester only) 4
489 Special Topics (Semester Abroad in Germany) ("Wheaton in Germany II") (spring semester only) 4
  (additional study abroad opportunities include:)  
491 Practicum 1
496 Internship (pre-requisite: Students must have already completed 16 hours in the major.) 4
At least two more hours of an elective in German 
351/353 Topics in German Literature and Culture (varied subjects including genre, movement, author studies, film, cultural history, or advanced language) 2-4
437 Topics in Language and Literature 2-4
495 Independent Study 1-4
496 Internship 2-4

German Secondary Education required courses

German 341, 342, 343 ("Wheaton in Germany I" summer program), either 431 or 432, 494-1 or 494-2, and an academic term in Germany ("Wheaton in Germany II"). Please consult the Education Department for a list of education courses and general education courses required for certification.

Nota Bene 1: Students may meet 4 hours of the general education requirement in literature by taking German 351.

Nota Bene 2:  Students should work with their advisors as soon as possible to decide on the academic institution for the semester abroad "Wheaton in Germany II" program component of the major. All programs must be accredited by a U.S. four-year college or university, or by the International Accreditation Association of Colleges and Universities.

German Minor

Students take 20 hours beyond the intermediate level, including German 341, 342, and 343 (“Wheaton in Germany I” summer program) and 8 additional hours to be selected in consultation with department advisor, including at least one 400-level course. German 431 and 432 are highly recommended, as is the spring-semester “Wheaton in Germany II” program.

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