English Major with Literature Concentration


The English Major with Literature Concentration prepares students to read closely, to think critically, to write clearly, and express their creativity.  The curriculum focuses on the study of significant texts (both canonical and non-canonical) from many genres, periods, and cultures, emphasizes the historical framework of English and American literature, and includes relevant works of ethnic and minority literature. Students will sharpen their writing skills as they learn how to evaluate and analyze texts; they also acquire a knowledge of literary history, an awareness of how individual works relate to broader issues of culture, an awareness of English as a professional, academic pursuit, and an introduction to the history of literary criticism and  contemporary critical approaches.

Students who major in English are challenged to develop a defense, both general and Christian, of literature and to relate the literature they read to their understanding of the Bible and to their own aesthetic and moral development as Christians.

Students intending to pursue graduate study are strongly encouraged to select ENGL 434 Modern Literary Theory.  For those anticipating graduate study, French and German are recommended.


Note:  These are new requirements that will apply to incoming new majors effective Fall 2013.  Please contact us at English.edu if you have questions.

Foundational Courses - 8 hours

  ENGL 215 Classical and Early British Literature (4)
  ENGL 225 Topical Seminar (4)
Open only to majors and minors. Prerequisite:  ENGL 215 Seminar
  ENGL 226 Topical Seminar (4)
With focus on Shakespeare
Required for Teaching Concentration Students.
Open to other major concentrations as space allows.

Historical Framework - 16 hours

4 hours in Pre-1800 British literature  (330-340 range)
  ENGL 331 Medieval (4)
  ENGL 336 Renaissance (4)
  ENGL 337 Seventeenth Century (4)
  ENGL 338 Eighteenth Century (4)
4 hours in Post-1800 British Literature or World Literature (350-370 range)
  ENGL 355 Romantic (4)
  ENGL 361 Victorian (4)
  ENGL 364 British Modernism: 1900 to 1939 (4)
  ENGL 365 British Literature after 1939 (4)
6 hours in American Literature
The six hours must include at least one period course with the remaining hours coming from another period course or an author course from a different historical grouping.
  Period Courses
  ENGL 341 American Literature: Beginnings to Romanticism (4)
  ENGL 342 American Literature: Realism to Modernism (4)
  ENGL 343 American Literature: Modernism and Beyond
  Author Courses
  ENGL 381 American Authors: Beginnings to Romanticism (2)
  ENGL 382 American Authors: Realism to Modernism (2)
  ENGL 383 American Authors after 1945 (2)
  ENGL 391  American Authors: Beginnings to Romanticism (4)
  ENGL 392  American Authors: Realism to Modernism (4)
  ENGL 393 American Authors after 1945 (4)
2-4 hours in a Figure course
  ENGL 385 Selected Authors (2)
  ENGL 386 Selected Authors (4)

Literature Concentration - 16 Hours

12 hrs. Major Electives from among the following categories:
  Additional period courses
    ENGL 331 through ENGL353
ENGL 355 through ENGL 365
ENGL 341 through ENGL 343
  Additional figure courses
    ENGL 381 through ENGL386
ENGL 391 through ENGL 393
  Anglophone and Literature in Translation
  ENGL 285 Topics in Global Literature (2)
  ENGL 371  Modern European (4)
  Genre Courses
  ENGL 378 Genre (Lyric, Novel, Essay, Epic, etc.) (4)
  Language, Criticism, and Theory
  ENGL 434 Modern Literary Theory (4)
  ENGL 435  History of Literary Criticism (4)
  ENG 271 History of the English Language (2)
Offered in Spring in alternate years
Special Topics
   ENGL 431      Christianity and Fantasy (4)
   ENGL 375  Women Writers (2)
   ENGL 379  African American Literature (4)
   ENGL 373  Literature of the Bible (4)
   ENGL 433  Varied Literary Topics (2-4)
   ENGL 485  Wade Center Special Collection (2) 
Open to majors only
   ENGL 486  Wade Center Special Collection (4) 
Open to majors only
   Advanced Level Writing
(6 hours maximum toward Literature concentration)
   ENGW 213  Creative Writing (4)
   ENGW 214  Rhetorical Writing (2)
   ENGW 444  Special topics in Writing (2)
 4 Hours Senior Seminar
   ENGL 494  Senior Seminar (4)

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