James G. Jameson Critical Essay Contest

2014 Winners


Natural and Social Sciences

1st - Lindsey Brigham, "Dinner After Eden: Meat-Eating, Earth-Keeping, and Redemption"

2nd - Nathan Hadley, "What's a Wilderness Good For?"

3rd - Kate Wildman, "Faith on Fire: Intersection of Politics and Christianity"

Humanities and Theological Studies

1st - Paul Bartow, "The Lords Baltimore and Colonial Maryland: The First American Experiment in Religious Toleration"

2nd - James Van Tholen, "The Horseman of the Empire: Cavalry and Leadership in the Byzantine Reconquest"

3rd - Meghan Tabor, "Mark's Parable of the Mustard Seed: Jesus' Kingship Revealed"

Arts, Media, and Communications

1st - Lindsey Brigham, "Imagination from Desire"

2nd - Thomas Leng, "A Faceless Facebook"

3rd - Christabel Barry, "Borderlands in Simon Pokagon's Ogimawkwe Mitigwaki"

Honorable Mention

Andrew Hawthorne, "The Third Culture of Rudyard Kipling"

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