Teacher Candidate Elementary Certificate 110


The Elementary Certificate 110 resources are designed to aid the elementary teacher candidate in their preparation for state certification (certificate #110).

These resources are organized by state objectives 0014 – 0018 (Government, Economics and Politics, etc.). Each of these will list the state objectives with the relevant objective statements. These are the objectives on which the certification test is based.

Each of these will have links to internet sites and/or campus sites such as the Buswell Library (magazines, books, videos). One set of videos in our library was prepared by Illinois history professors at Western Illinois University. The videos are somewhat outdated but still valuable as a visual history source. One of the best comprehensive sources is the Encarta Encyclopedia as well as Wikipedia (both available online). The Illinois Government Handbook >> is updated every two years and is also available in booklet form in the History Department. They are typically available through the elementary and middle school social studies methods course (EDUC 321).

Contact person: Jack Scott

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