Illinois Licensure Tests


Illinois Licensure Testing System

See below for the timetable as to when these tests are required for the Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP).

Many subject-matter tests can be taken at remote locations throughout the semester, namely for Subject-Matter Knowledge tests for Elementary/Middle Grades, English/Language Arts, and Mathematics.

You may register on line at the Illinois Licensure Testing Service >> or by phone (800) 239-8107.

When do I take these tests?

Note the sequence of these three tests for those seeking an Illinois Teaching License through Wheaton College.

  1. The TAP (Test of Academic Proficiency) or its ACT/SAT equivalent must be passed prior to acceptance into the Wheaton Teacher Education Program (WheTEP). The TAP is offered exclusively on line but only through designated test sites. The closest one to Wheaton is the Pearson Testing Center in Oakbrook, IL.
  2. The Subject-Matter Knowledge exam must be passed prior to student teaching.
  3. The edTPA must be completed during student teaching and passed for IL licensure.

Study guides >> are also available and recommended in preparation for each test.

Waiver Information

Students who have taken the ACT or SAT may qualify for a waiver in lieu of the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

Prior to 9/1/15 - Composite score of 22 or higher and a minimum score of 19 on the combined English/Writing portion
9/1/15-9/9/16 - Composite score of 22 or higher and a minimum score of 16 on the Writing portion
9/10/16 and later - Composite score of 22 or higher and a minimum score of 6 on the Writing portion

Prior to 3/5/15 - Composite score of 1030 (critical reading + mathematics = 1-30 or higher) and a minimum score of 450 on writing
3/5/16 an later - Composite score of 1110 (evidence-based reading and writing + mathematics = 1110 or higher) and a minimum score of 26 on writing and language

To obtain this waiver for the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), follow these steps.

  1. Download these instructions and follow the four steps. The first step involves creating an account with the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS). Click on Educator Access and then choose the left menu option to Sign Up Now. Your SSN will be required. 
  2. Confirm your SAT or ACT score qualifies for the waiver.
  3. Step three requires you to contact ACT >> or SAT >> to request that your official score be sent to the Illinois State Board of Education, Licensure Division, 100 North First Street, S-306, Springfield, IL 62777. Use ACT code or 3001 or SAT code of 6773 when ordering. Be prepared for a nominal fee that is usually charged for sending an official score. 
  4. Ensure the score report has been accepted into your ELIS account.

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