Chemistry Department Wheaton College


At Wheaton, we believe that students should learn both the practical applications and theoretical basis of analytical equipment. That's why all chemistry majors are provided with the opportunity to gain practical experience in all major analytical techniques on state-of-the-art equipment.


The Wheaton College Chemistry Department is pleased to make the following instrumentation available to our students.


  • UV-Vis: 3 HP Diode Array, 2 Cary 50 Bio
  • Mass Spectrometer: Kompact Probe MALDI-TOF
  • Fluorescence: Aminco/Bowman
  • FT-NMR: GE-300
  • NMR: Varian T-60
  • IR: 2 PerkinElmer 1430
  • FT-IR: Bomem MB-122
  • Atomic Abs: PerkinElmer AAnalyst 800


  • GC: 2 Varian 3400 and 3 Gow-Mac 69-550
  • HPLC: Varian 2010-2050 and HP 1050 with Fluorescence Detection
  • Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Centrifuge: Brinkmann 5810R
  • Microcentrifuge: Eppendorf
  • Electrophoresis: Protein and DNA Gel Apparatus
  • Column Chromatography: BioRad BioLogic LP Low Pressure System

Single Molecule Detection and Physical Characterizations

  • Laser: Spectra-Physics Argon Ion Laser
  • Confocal Fluorescence Microscope
  • Ellipsometer
  • X-ray Diffraction: Philips PW1729
  • X-ray Fluorescence: Metorex XMET-820
  • Electrochemisty: P.A.R. 174A and 273A and IBM EC225
  • Atomic Force Microscope

Molecular Biology

  • Standard Lab Incubator
  • Incubator Shaker
  • Thermal Cycler: Brinkmann MasterCycler

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