Christian Education and Ministry Portfolio Assignments


CE Portfolio Assignments:

The portfolio is a formal collection of work that covers the full collegiate career of the student. It provides the evidence, documentation, and best examples of curricular aims mastered by the students.

The Purpose for Portfolios:

  1. To assist both the student and the department in assessing the work of the student while in the Christian Education & Ministry program. Reviewing personal work at the end of the program helps the student understand their progress and plan next steps. Compiling records over time helps the department to assess the strengths and weaknesses of its programs and understand where adjustments need to be made.
  2. To appropriately and effectively respond to requests for recommendations regarding students. These requests may come two, five, ten, or more years after the student has graduated and careful record keeping is essential for a thoughtful response to the request for recommendation.

The Portfolio Should Include:

  1. The student's resume. (Include your objective, education, work experience, extra-curricular activities and additional abilities.)
  2. A list and explanation of the student's core values.
  3. Six exemplary works/papers. With each paper/work the student should provide an overview of the assignment and a critique of the perspective presented in the paper. One of these should be a research paper. The six are:
    1. One project/paper from a required liberal arts class.
    2. The history of philosophy paper from CE 421.
    3. The journey paper from CE 497.
    4. Three projects/papers from other Christian Education & Ministry classes. (Choose these from designated portfolio assignments noted on class syllabi.)
  4. A three-year personal development plan.
  5. Annotated Bibliography. Students are to: (1) Analyze areas of study they sense that they need to know/be/do/grow in; and (2) Do research and gather together an annotated bibliography of sources for further study in those areas (10 sources; 10-100 words for each entry). Consider this assignment as a launching pad for study for the next few years. In addition to submitting a hard copy of the paper, students are asked to duplicate this so it can be distributed to the entire class.

Students are required to keep their portfolio papers in order that they would be available for this capstone project. In each CE class, one assignment will be designated as the portfolio assignment. It is from these portfolio assignments that students will select work for the portfolio project during Senior Capstone. All five of the above numbered items are to be burned onto a CD, carefully labeled, and turned in during the Senior Capstone. It is highly recommended that you routinely burn portfolio assignments onto your portfolio CD in order that they are available to you when it is time to complete this assignment.

This portfolio (a representation of work from all Christian Education & Ministry core courses) will be collected as a whole during Senior Capstone (CE 494). As a way to keep from losing these assignments, we recommend you also email an attachment of them to the following: (place your name and the name of the assignment in the subject heading of the email).

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