Progress Review Checklist


• After 12 hours, select final project department advisor.

• With advisor, choose final project type.

• Select general topic.

• Complete CFM Thesis/Applied Thesis/Creative Project Proposal form—or—Internship Proposal form.

• Submit appropriate proposal form for advisor’s approval.

• Receive department approval and chair signature.

• Creative project and internship students begin work.

• Thesis and Applied Thesis students:

* Complete application to write graduate thesis.

* Submit nine (9) signed copies and the original of the proposal to the Registrar’s Office.

* Receive Graduate Academic Affairs Committee approval.

* Begin work.-revisions must be given to technical readers at least 6 weeks before graduation.

• May 1st is the Registrar’s Office Deadline for receiving final project grade (in order to be eligible to participate in Commencement.)

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