Final Project Proposal Form & Instructions

With your chosen advisor, determine which final project option best suits your purposes. If considering an internship, make sure you meet with the Internship Coordinator.


Final Project Proposal Form: (Please copy and paste the following bullet points and ten questions into your own document; then provide responses to each item.)

  • Student name:
  • Address:
  • CPO box:
  • Home phone/Work phone:
  • Email:
  • Date entering Wheaton College Graduate School (sem./year):
  • Date of anticipated graduation (sem./year): 
  • CFM concentration:
  • Final project topic/title:
  • Project type (thesis, applied thesis, or creative project):
  • Project advisor:
  1. Statement of purpose, problem statement,or research question, including audience or market, if appropriate:
  2. Relation of this final project to your ministry plans:
  3. Human Resource Review Committee approval needed?  Yes/No/Uncertain. (See http://intra/academic/irb for details.)
  4. Brief history or background of problem/issue:
  5. Description of the significance of the proposal and how it could make a contribution to the discipline:
  6. Methodology/specific steps required:
  7. Schedule of deadlines for various aspects of the proposed activities:
  8. Style manual to be used:
  9. Possible sources, literature review list (preliminary 10-12 sources):
  10. Outline of major topic headings:




Final Project Instructions:

1. During CFM 515 Human Development and Research, you will prepare your final project proposal. Present the purpose behind your proposal choice in such a way as to convince the department that this is the best way to achieve your goals for your graduate experience and future ministry.

NOTE: Students choosing an internship will complete the Internship Proposal Form in the Graduate Internship Guidelines handbook, found online and in the hallway file office BGC 231. 

2. The Department will then review your proposal and either approve it or return it to you with modification suggestions.

3. After obtaining department approval and the necessary signatures,

**If you selected the thesis or applied thesis option, complete the Application to Write Graduate Thesis, available from the Office of Graduate Student Services. Follow their guidelines for the application and proposal process, in order to develop a formal proposal to go before the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee for approval.

** If you selected the creative project or internship option, you may begin your work.

4. Register for your selected option the semester you begin the work. (For specific course number, see the section in this guidebook that describes your option.)

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