Applied Health Science Overview

Our majors enter a variety of careers from research in human health and movement sciences, public health sectors, medicine and allied health fields, human performance, fitness and wellness, nutrition, etc.


Mission Statement - "Fanning into Flames"

In support of the Mission of Wheaton College, the Department of Applied Health Science seeks to: "fan into flame the gift(s)" of each student (2 Tim 1:6) and to teach them so they "will also be qualified to teach others" (2 Tim 2:2) accurately about human health; so as to "honor God with their bodies" - the "temple of the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor 6:19, 20) and to "enjoy good health...even as [their] souls are getting along well" (3 John 2).


Vision Statement

We (the Applied Health Science faculty) have a dream (vision) that springs from our Mission Statement. It is to know the gifts and abilities of each of our students so we can fan them into full flame as we mentor them to reach their God given potential. We will intentionally develop a plan to perfect the gifts and abilities God has given them. This plan will include mentoring, using helpful evaluative instruments and directing students in endeavors that develop these gifts and abilities.

This dream includes the devlopment of our own individual scholarship so that we can teach students accurately about human health and how best to lead a healthy God glorifying lifestyle. To fulfill this part of our dream we, as faculty, will be committed to our own scholarship so that we bring current information and critical thinking that is integrated into a Christian worldview to our students.

Our greatest dream is that these students will leave Wheaton College with their own dream of what God wants for them. Their dream will hopefully emanate from their strong faith integrated academic foundation of knowing the benefits of pursuing a healthy lifestyle as they go into various health professions and use it to minister to people spiritually. Our desire for them is that they will carry the Good News to the outermost parts of this planet so that they and others can enjoy complete wellness especially of their souls.


Educational Objectives

The Applied Health Science Department exists:

  • To mentor and teach students so they will further develop their full God given potential to become whole and effective Christians.
  • To provide students with the theoretical and empirical understanding of the discipline of Applied Health Science through the core curriculum.
  • To mentor students in research and discovery projects as part of their education in further discovering God's creation and to advance the understanding in their chosen discipline.
  • To assist and guide students in clarifying their career direction according to their gifts and God's "calling" on their lives and then help to launch them into the next stage of their journey as they go out from Wheaton College.
  • To provide students with the academic foundation and critical thought processes for them to continue on their journey of life-long learning in the different areas of the health professions.
  • To help students develop a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy to the fullest one of God's principal creations-the human body.

The curriculum is organized to prepare students for :

  • professional schools in medicine and the allied health field
  • graduate work in areas of the health sciences and basic research, and
  • careers in areas of fitness and wellness

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