Bud Williams, Ed.D.


Applied Health Science

Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus
On Faculty since 1969



Ed.D. Northern Illinois University, 1985

M.A. Wheaton College, 1966

B.S. Penn State University, 1963

About Bud Williams

Dr. Williams' professional interests within the field of Applied Health Science include motor development, motor control, and motor learning.  In motor control he is particularly interested in fine motor control as affected by Parkinson's Disease and balance in the elderly as related to acute stretching and physical activity.  In motor learning, understanding the differences in brain wave activity related to methods of motor learning has been a recent research question that he has been pursuing.

Bud enjoys applying his course materials through a variety of skilled motor activities with family, friends, and students and yearly skis several 51km marathons as one of the many skilled physical activities that interface with his academic interests related to motor control, motor learning, motor development and fitness over the lifespan.

Bud also maintains an active role in promoting Christian thinking in the discipline of Applied Health Science by acting as a board member of the Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies and contributing papers on wellness, sport ethics, and risk taking.  He does the same for Christian camping where he has been a board member and historian of Christian Camping International since the early 1970's and attempts to write theologically about the place of the temporary community/camp in ministry and human development.

Current Courses

Courses Taught

Courses at HoneyRock (Wheaton College's Northwoods Campus)

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • Christian Society for Kinesiology and Leisure Studies (Board Member)
  • Christian Camping International (Vice-Chairman of International Counselors)


Recently completed student-led, faculty-guided research projects in Motor Development, Control, and Learning:

Nitz, M., Elsen, J., Molenhouse, C., Nelsen, B. (Fall 2004). Effects of Parkinson's Disease on Fine Motor Control.

Kemper, J., Temple, A., Schisler, J., Sharpe, B. (Fall 2004). Thigh Muscle Activation in Females Participating in Low-and High-ACL Risk Sports.

Conrad, S., Hall, A., Frank, E., Starkey, S. L. (Fall 2004). The Effects of Stretching on Balance With Seniors.

Linn, K., Pearman, S., Siami, M., Wiebracht, D. (Fall 2004). The Effects of Blocked Versus Random Practice on Brain Wave Activity.

Wise, J., Standard, H., Mouw, J., Bollweg, E. (Fall 2004). Contextual Interference in Learning a Cartwheel: Blocked Versus Random Practice.

McDonald, A., Ott, A., Schnaidt, S., Winkelmeyer, H. (Fall 2004). The Effects of Diverted Visual Attention on Balance in Fourth Graders.

Boothe, A., Maple, K., Seeland, L., Sutton, A. (Fall 2004). The Effects of Activity Participation on Reaction Time: Sport Versus Video or Computer Games.

Ast, S., Grandy, J., Kirkendall, G., Paul, D. (Fall 2004). Analysis of Fine Motor Control in the Discus Throw

Publications and Presentations

Williams, B. (2005). "Stress Management" in Walters, Peter. Extreme Wellness. Wheaton College: Prepublication Edition II.

Williams, B. (2004). Motor Control Research at Wheaton College. Presentation to researchers and staff at Marianjoy Hospital, Wheaton, Illinois.

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