Applied Health Science at Wheaton College - Wheaton, IL

Applied Health Science

Located on the first floor of the Meyer Science building, the Applied Health Science faculty and students focus their efforts on the theoretical and applied aspects of human health sciences. At the center of this focus is a concentration on how best to care for the human vessel God has created in His image.


The central core of the curriculum is based in the life and basic sciences. The core courses in Applied Health Science are directed at studying and understanding the applied sciences related to human health and the benefits of human movement. Furthermore, besides having a view towards normal, healthy function, abnormal/pathological and high performance levels of function are also studied.

Epidemiological studies have established that there are at least 17 unhealthy conditions that lead to chronic diseases (e.g., obesity is considered the second leading cause of preventable death in the USA with approximately 65% of adults classified as overweight or obese, type-2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions with a 10-fold increase in adolescents). Because these conditions are associated with inactivity and/or nutritional deficiencies, the core courses are presenting proactive instead of reactive approaches to the primary prevention of modern diseases.

In addition, 90% of the United States adult population will experience some type of pathological back problems during their lifetime. Certain courses within the department will examine the mechanics of pathologies such as these as well as both normal and super-normal human motion.

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