Ethan Harris



Hometown: Hutchinson, MN

Graduation Year: 2014

Involvement at Wheaton: I ran Cross Country and Track and Field all four years and loved it.  I also am chair of Student Ministry Partners, an organization that is involved with mobilizing and equipping Wheaton students for summer overseas ministry endeavors.  I also have had the opportunity to participate in biomedical research while at Wheaton.

Why Wheaton? In short, Wheaton is full of people who receive and reflect Christ's love and challenge me to do the same.  I have never been in a place where I have so clearly witnessed the Church living its missional calling to bring God glory in everything.  From morning classes to late night taco runs, Wheaton people seek to walk in step with the Spirit through it all.

Why your major? Applied Health Science is the marriage of my two greatest passions: loving humans as images of God and seeking to defend and advance the gift of life and health.  Consequently, AHS has given me a diverse and broad understanding of human health and disease which will serve as a critical foundation for my vocational calling in medicine.

Favorite class and what you liked about it: The Art Survey class I took with Dr. Milliner was part art history, part liturgy, part masterpiece.  Dr. Milliner has a unique way of engaging students in the story of art, a story which is inseparable from the story of Creation and the story of Christ.  I never blinked in that class.

Favorite place on campus: The Office of Christian Outreach!  Filled with good snacks, wonderfully huggable people, and a lifetime worth of service and ministry opportunities.

Free time activities: Free time?!  Just kidding.  I can generally be found running down the Prairie Path, baking something unhealthy, making pottery, taking pictures, or, more likely, eating a late night snack with friends at Los Burritos or Denny's. 

One thing you wish you knew about college before you got here: Make sure you spray the waffle iron before you put the batter in.  


Wheaton in three words: Worshipful. Workload. Winter. 

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: During Snowpocalypse, the 2011 winter storm that instigated Wheaton's first snow day in 25 years, teammates and I built a massive snow fort in the parking lot of the Billy Graham Center and also sledded down the bleachers at McCully Stadium.  It's important to always leave room for necessary immaturity in college and not take yourself too seriously. 

Bonus fact: The lovely workers at Sam's won't even bat an eye if you tell them that you have forgotten what chocolate ice cream tastes like and need a spoonful to jog your memory.  Even if you seem to forget every week.

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