Annie Benson



Name: Annie Benson

Hometown: Irvine, CA

Graduation Year: 2015

Involvement at Wheaton: I am an ensemble member in Workout in Arena Theater, which involves weekly rehearsals, acting, building sets in the Set Shop, and devising many student theater projects. I am also a member of this year’s Orientation Committee for the new students of 2014! I am also blessed to lead a small group on my old floor in Smith.

Why Wheaton? During my senior year of high school, God made it really clear that I was supposed to attend Wheaton. At first I was resistant to His calling because I didn’t want to leave my home in sunny California. But after a visit to the campus encouraged by my dad, I knew that this community was exactly what I needed to be a part of. After a long time of sitting on the Admissions waiting list, I was granted admission, and I flew to Honey Rock Passage two weeks later! Wheaton College is a community that is training me to fully pursue the Lord with my mind and heart for His Kingdom, both in my classes and in my relationships. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Why your major? Communication is a foundational part of ministry, business, and relationships. By being a Communication major, I am learning important skills for working in many different careers. Combine my Communication degree with an emphasis in Theater and you have the best dynamic duo!

Favorite class and what you liked about it: Old Testament with Dr. Lane was the best class I have taken at Wheaton. I loved learning about God’s plan of redemption for his people. My view of God radically expanded and received greater historical context through studying the more confusing texts in the Old Testament.

Favorite place on campus: Setzuan, a room in Arena Theater with lots of windows and big empty spaces to dance, work, have class, and be myself in.

Free time activities: I love reading good books, creating theater, taking trips to downtown Chicago with friends, and watching movies.

One thing you wish you knew about college before you got here: I wish I hadn’t expected the new friends I made at Wheaton to know me as well as my family and friends from home, within the matter of a semester or two. I’ve learned that getting to know another person takes much more time than we expect it to. I’ve also learned that the desire for others to know you deeply can only be satisfied if you are willing to invest in other’s lives as well.


Wheaton in three words: God is moving.

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: After every show ends in Arena Theater, we have a large celebration called Strike! Strikes are the most epic celebrations that focus on praising God for the work that He has done and demolishing the set for the play (yes, we get to use power tools).

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? My acting professors Mark Lewis and Michael Stauffer have had the greatest impact on me because they have taught me that the stories of our lives are worth telling. They greatly exemplify what it means to be a Christian Theater Artist who desires to use theater as a means to advocate for the narrative of others.

About me: I grew up in Irvine, CA where the sun shines a bit more than in Wheaton, IL. I have a loving family: my Dad and Mom, my sister Emily and rad little brother Scotty B. I am passionate about Theater, dance and dance parties (Covenant approved), any kind of tea, and people. After Wheaton, I hope to do something that involves people, stories, management, and service (if you have any suggestions please let me know).

Bonus fact: Coming to Wheaton is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I promise that no one paid me to say that.

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