Parent Council

A council representing nine families assists in the administration of the Wheaton College Parents Program. A chaircouple/person is named, and members normally serve for a minimum of two years.


The Council meets three times each school year to hear reports on college life, discuss parent concerns, and to evaluate ways for the College to communicate with all parents.

2013-14 Council Members

Kent & Cindy Cochrum
West Chicago, IL

Paul & Jill DeHaven
Plano, TX

Kirt & Carol Eldredge 
West Des Moines, IA

Ben & Beth Fulton
Wheaton, IL

Maurice & Julia Henderson
Memphis, TN

Norm & Peggy Mindrebo, 

Noblesville, IN

Jeff & Alison Oslund
Wheaton, IL

Lamont & Buenola Tyler 
Bloomington, IL

Hal & Katherine Walters
Manchester, MI


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